Instant Replay Animation Studio is the trusted source for many corporations and savvy business executives sourcing for animation services.
From stylised 2D cartoon-style animation to high-end 3D visual representation, character animation and architectural fly-through,
we deliver the highest of quality work that meets your need, budget and time of delivery.

We ensure a value-for-money experience for you.

Our team starts off with clarity of the project at hand; while managing the budget and expectations with you. From gathering information and research, scripting to storyboard rendering, roughs’ sketches to character designs, previews and final delivery, our key differentiation is in the team’s spirit and pervasive mind set of “good is not enough”.

As one of the creative departments of Instant Replay Productions Pte Ltd, we started out producing 2D & 3D animations, motion graphics, infographics, and SFX to support our corporate video/ TVC /film department. Subsequently, the animation studio took off, growing into its own dynamic entity.

Headed by Bill Quek, the studio comprises of a team of passionate, committed, open-minded, highly-competent, like-minded individuals who share the company’s core values in serving with Integrity, Responsibility and Professionalism.

Original stories, wild & wacky ideas, big dreams, unreserved collaborations and serving the community, are some of the key ingredients of INSTANT REPLAY ANIMATION STUDIO.

Our creative team of – in-house producers, directors, modellers, texture artistes, animators, writers and storyboard artists not only have our own stories to tell, but are excited to help you tell your story. You see at Instant Replay, we Makes Ideas Visible & Audible!

IF You can imagine it, We can Achieve it! IF You can Dream it, we can make it Happen!

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“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.
It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.” – Walt Disney

(Please visit our website: www.instantreplay.com.sg for more information about us. Thank you.)